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I had some negative thoughts this morning, and felt down.

Well what I read last night on Sutra?

When you have Negative thought you should try to think something positive

Easy to say but difficult to do.

What I can do to clean up those thoughts, yes, the answer is here.

I took 2 classes; Ashtanga & Vinyasa held by Golden teachers, Tania & Rupali.

I cleaned up my negative feeling, and got physical energy 🙂

But now….I need naaaaaaap.

Thought I got from Rupali at the class

Do not seek with cold eyes to find blemishes, or the roses will turn to thorns as you gaze

Usually what I pick from her secret bag, hit right into my feeling on that day….that is amazing.


昨夜čĒ­ã‚“だ゚ãƒŧトナīŧˆãƒ¨ã‚Ŧã‚šãƒŧトナ パã‚ŋãƒŗジãƒŖãƒĒぎもぎを、įžåœ¨č‹ąčĒžã§čĒ­ã‚“でいぞす、ãĒã‚“ã ã‹č‹ąčĒžãŽãģうが゚キīŧ‰ãĢあãŖたãŖけãĒ。


ã¨ã¯ã„ãˆã€č¨€ã†ã¯æ˜“ã—ã€ã ã‚ˆãĒ。








You may know this.

Yogi Bear

Some of my friends know my other nickname is “Bear”.

So I name myself as Yogini Bear now.


ありがたいことãĢã€ãŠčŠąã‚’é ‚ããžã—ãŸã€‚

4月27æ—ĨīŧˆįĢīŧ‰ã€€8時半〜9時半 īŧ ãƒĢãƒĢãƒŦãƒĸãƒŗåē—内

4月29æ—Ĩīŧˆæœ¨īŧ‰ã€€8時半〜9時半 īŧ ãƒ’ãƒĢトãƒŗナグãƒŧãƒŗビãƒŧチ

5月4æ—ĨīŧˆįĢīŧ‰ã€€8時半〜9時半 īŧ ãƒĢãƒĢãƒŦãƒĸãƒŗåē—内




ãœã˛ã”å‚åŠ ãã ã•ã„ã€‚

Earth day!

I never thought of that before, in Japan.

But here in Hawaii, Earth day is kind of big “event” like you see many organic stores are having sales, many kids events around, etc.

I didn’t really plan it, but happened to have my first beach yoga class on that day! COOL!

We had nice weather, a bit windy though.

I had 6 ladies, all Japanese this time, so class was held all Japanese, it was actually very easy to explain in details.

I did headstand before class facing to ocean…….amazing.

Beach Yoga at Kaimana

Finally has started my Yoga Blog here!

Yoga is my life, love, would like to express everything I see, feel, hear through Yoga…..


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