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Big Project @Yoga Hawaii

Posted on: May 22, 2010

Yoga Hawaii is now on the big project.

We are having new reception space.

In Japan, when we renovate house or room, just ask the contractor and pay money.

But here, people try to do themselves as much as possible.

It is really good not only to save money, but also you feel more “your own” space.

We have very handy “Tania”, she does everything!

All teachers, even students help to clean, paint, etc etc.

Of course I did help too 🙂

Only few days work, the room look different!

We area opening on 5/31, Memorial day!

Can’t wait to see new Yoga Hawaii.

私の通うスタジオ、Yoga Hawaii、現在改装中!
わ がスタジオには頼もしい(男らしい?)タニアが一手に取り仕切り、先生たちにボランティアを募って壁を掃除、窓をきれいにして、ペンキぬり、床もはがし て、ってそりゃプロなみ。

先生じゃなくて生徒 たちも顔をだし、ペンキをぬったり掃除をしたり。

5 月31日、メモリアルデーにグランドオープン!


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