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Our demo was totally success, but one thing we forgot to mention about our free Yoga Class at lululemon over 3 weekend, Sunday!

I will do the first one, this coming Sunday.

Intro to Ashtanga

I had two students who were really new for Yoga itself, and new for Ashtanga in my Wed night class.

I didn’t want to scare them, but since it was primary class, I had to go through with good pace.

Of course I introduced modified version, told them they could skip vinyasa, etc. but still it might be pretty tough for them.

For me, Ashtanga is the most consequent, beautiful Yoga.

Not too vigorous, the flow really makes sense to warm up your body.

But a lot of people think Ashtanga is just so vigorous and hard, kind of scary…..

So I have been thinking it’d be interesting to have Ashtanga class for beginners.

Then, here it comes!

Since it’s only 75 minutes class, I won’t be able to do all I want.

But anyone can enjoy Ashtanga, so I want people to know it.

Also, I have started new class at Yoga Hawaii, “Half Primary” on Saturday at 12:00.

This is great opportunity to learn more details, looking back how you are doing in asanas.

When I had dinner with my friend who came to see our Yoga Demo, she told me how impressed by our demo.

And she was so happy doing Ashtanga.

Yes, me too…..I am just so happy doing practice, that is amazing .




Intro to Ashtanga









また、ヨガハワイでもプライマリに加えて”Half Primary“のクラスを土曜日に12時から担当させてもらうことになった。








We, Yoga Hawaii had Ashtaga Demo at Ala Moana Center Stage on Saturday, 6/5.

This was the first time for me, doing Yoga in front of people, on the big stage at Ala Moana!

I have done some performance before, like playing music, Jazz Dance recital, etc., but doing Yoga on the stage, is quite difference.

Since both teacher, Rupali and Tania have been super busy to organize new space, I have asked to collect people to join the demo.

Then I encountered very funny thing, the people who did not look shy at all, always talkative, said “No! I am too shy to do it!” and the people were more quiet, were exited to try it.

But even though they agreed to join once, getting close to that day, they started to freak out to demonstrate in front of people.

A few have canceled, some of them simply did not show up.

We had 13 people on the stage after all, plus Tania, who was MC.

I was so glad to see one of the students who said not coming, came with her mat.

Short Ashtanga with only 3 breaths each asana, for about 35 minutes.

We were all kind of nervous at first….gradually got focus into our own breathing, and Tania’s voice.

I didn’t notice how much I was nervous myself, until I did headstand.

My body was trembling and thought I would fall down!

We did big success.

lululemon people really liked our demo, invited us to the store for the refreshments after demo.

The best thing for me, was the students who were so afraid to join, said they were so happy they did it after all.

They even said they wanted to do it again if they had opportunity.

Yoga is not how we look, it should be how we feel.

We are all different, we cannot do same asana sometimes, but that is okay.

Whatever we can, we feel comfortable.

It was really great experience.

Next Sunday, I will leading Basic Ashtanga class at lululemon at 8:30, hopefully many people who were inspired by our demo show up!



私がlululemonでヨ ガを教える機会を頂いたのと、以前従業員だったAさんのお口添えで、ヨガハワイがStudio of the monthに選ばれた。
ちょうど改 装して新たなスタートをきる6月、絶好のタイミング!
ポスターを飾ってもらったり、日曜日の無料ヨガのクラスを担当させてもらうほか、ステージで デモできないかという案がでたのはアシュタンガのミーティング。
スタジ オのもろもろで大忙しのR&Tに人集めを頼まれて、アシュタンガの先生とレギュラーの生徒さんたちに声をかけてみた。

いやいや意 外。
いっつもSHYとは無縁かと思われる人たちが口をそろえてI’m too shy, I can’t do thatって!!!

アシュタンガを短いシー クエンスにして、5呼吸のところを3呼吸にしよう、と決まったのがなんと木曜日…ま、アシュタンギはシークエンスをみんなしってるから、練習する必要はな いんだけどね。
完璧にする必要はないのよ、Just for FUN!と説得している自分、実は自分自身が一番緊張していたりするのだけど…。

なんと朝レッスンをうけ、そのあと昼から自分のレッス ン、ハーフの第一回目をこなし、それからアラモアナにかけつけるというハードスケジュール。
最 後の最後に、みにいくだけにする、と言っていた生徒さんがマットをもってきてくれた!
I’m sooooo happy you made it!

私にとって一番嬉しかったことは出 たくない、と言っていた生徒さんたちがみんな、『出てよかった!』と言ってくれたこと。
I’m so glad I did that!
と 喜んでくれたこと。
自分自身やスタジオに恥をかかせたくないから出ない、と言っていた彼女たち、とても楽しかった、機会があればまたやりたい!と まで!

そしてそれぞれみんなが違うからだをもっていて、できることも違って、でも その中で自分が心地よく感じることをやればいいのだということ。
体が柔らかくないとヨガはできない、と思っている人も多いし、太っていたらできな い、と言う人も多い、でもそれは大きな間違い。

Great Success!


I had an opportunity to talk about the benefit of YOGA for about 10 minutes.

Benefit of Yoga…..first I could not get together what they should be because there are so many!

I didn’t think I could talk it only for 10minutes, with a bit of demo to show.

But, anyway, now I am taking all opportunities to spread my love for YOGA as much as I could!

So I did it.

This was for the runner group.

The organizer came to my class once, and realized how great it was.

Then he is now the regular student.

He is in a such great shape, but has tight muscle due to his serious training.

So he wants other members to know how he felt about Yoga.

Okay, benefits, I could think of……

Yoga is not only Exercise, but is related our daily life deeply.

It will calm you down, refresh spirit, doing asana makes your muscle softer, balanced.

Deep chest breathing will be great benefit for running, etc.

I also showed simple sunsultation, pigeon pose, some stretching for hip, calves.

Then, it was about 20 minutes.

Did I tell them how great Yoga was?

I don’t know….the best way is, taking the class once!

You would feel it, even though sometimes we close our ears, but your mind and body know what they want.

So, my Open Air Yoga has been doing great, because they feel it.

We had the great session today again.

とあるランナーグループ に、10分程度でいいのでヨガの効用を話して、ちょっとデモを見せてもらえないか、と言われたのだ。

彼は私のlululemonでやって いるクラスにきてくれて、ヨガをとても気に入ってくれた人。
かなりシリアスなランナーで走り込んでいるので体はできているのだけど、やはりラン ナーなので筋肉が固い。

さて、 10分で、ヨガの効用をきちんと口頭で伝えられるのか、これは難しい。
まずヨガは単なるエクササイズではなくて、日々の生活に深くかかわっている ものであるということ、精神を落ち着かせて洗い流してくれるものであること、そしてアーサナをとることで柔らかい筋肉ができあがっていくので、他のスポー ツをしている人たちはとてもいい影響があるということ、胸の深い呼吸をするので肺活量の必要なランナーにはとてもおすすめで、そしてさらに体のバランスが とれていくということ、などなど。


そして簡単に大洋礼拝をやってみせて、腿やふくらは ぎ、お尻が多分固くなるだろうからそこをのばすストレッチをみせて、逆立ち系のポーズもおすすめだという話をして、それでも20分くらいかかってしまっ た。

体と 心で感じてもらえると思うから。

そ んなわけで、おそとヨガのレギュラーメンバーは、しっかり感じてくれているようです。


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