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We had the great outcome of this charity yoga, Sunrise for Japan on Saturday March 26th.
I was a little worried because the day we planned was actually the day of Kuhio day parade, so many parking space were closed for it.

We don’t want the parade music while we are doing yoga either.

However it was too late to reschedule it as I found out it after we announced to all.


My partner Yuko and I got the site early, and found out there were no one yet, no music around.

Since the weather was little unstable, we secured our spot under the big tree so that shower would not bother us.

The people started to show up a little before 9:30, ended up having 23 people.


I led the first half of standing posture, Yuko then did seated posture.

We did very basic sequence with slow pace, with deep breathing.

I have to say, I myself really enjoyed it, my whole body was stretched comfortably, especially I have been seriously torturing my body at Ashtanga practice.

The people were mixed, some were regular students and some were totally beginner, but they all seemed to have good time.


An hour class is really quick.

We gave them the resting time, along with our light massage.

I wish I could take the rest too, to be honest….I felt a lot of prana, in my body and heart.

At the end, we made the circle and sent our thoughts to Japan.

Hopefully they travel all the way to Japan, people who are still suffering.

Our donation so far sums up 270$.

We will wait one more event which is planned on this weekend, and will send them to Japan.


Thank you everyone for coming!




9時半ちょいと前から少しずつ人が集まり、いつも私のOpen Airにきてくれているメンバー、プライベートの生徒さん、そして一緒に企画したYちゃんのお友達やらやらが集って結構な人数に。






There has been about 10 days since the big earthquake happened in Japan.

Fortunately my family, close friends are okay, but so many precious lives are gone.

They are still suffered many ways, no houses, no foods or water, no gas, no power, being scared by nuclear power plant accident.

We are here in Hawaii.

We have water, foods and gas even though they are getting more and more expensive.

What we can do for people we love.

Something we can.

Charity yoga class.

Pray for Japan and send love from Hawaii.

Come join us on Saturday, 3/26 at 9:30 at Kapiolani park, makai of Waikiki shell.

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